8 B2B Media Engagement Tips

Whether you are actively pitching the media or fielding incoming media opportunities, here are Brosnan PR's top 8 high-level B2B media engagement tips.

1. Define Your Goal

Define what you are trying to achieve with any media coverage, and then narrow it down for each media opportunity in particular. Are you striving for lead gen or awareness? Or are you focused farther down the funnel on goals such as conversion and loyalty? This will guide you on which outlets to target, which spokespeople to appoint, and what to speak to during each media interview.

2. Know The Media

For each media contact, know what they have covered in the past and their storytelling style. Learn who their audience is comprised of and how the media contact connects with them. This will help decide on your ideal media opportunities. Ensure you are well prepared by creating a media brief for your stakeholders.

3. Prepare Your Message

Break down what you want to say into 3-5 bullet points that are simple and clear. What do you want this outlet's audience to know? Prepare for likely questions and practice weaving these messaging points into answers where relevant.

4. Practice

Practice answers and get honest feedback. If it's a written response opportunity, edit more than once. If it's an in-person interview, practice with a colleague or in front of the mirror.

5. Take Your Time

Less is more. Take your time to deliver the right message for the right question. Take a deep breath and ensure each word you say is intentional and powerful. For in-person interviews, speak at a slower cadence than normal.

6. Be Authentic

The audience will connect with you if you are your authentic self. It can be more harmful than good to present yourself as someone you are not.

7. Never Repeat The Negative

When addressing a negative question, keep your response neutral and pivot to your messaging. Never repeat the negative framing because that will stick with the audience.

8. Nothing is "Off The Record"

If you don't want the public to know it, do not mention it to the media. Assume your interview is over once you are no longer in the presence of the media. They are trying to write a compelling story, and your prepared story is enough.

Do you need specific advice on your proactive media outreach or inbound media inquiries? Reach out to Brosnan PR at keara@brosnanpr.com. We can help prepare your messaging, supply media briefs, coordinate media opportunities, offer pointers during practice interviews, and more.

Do you have an in-person or video interview scheduled? Request our free "8 In-Person Interview Tips" which will guide you on key body language, outfit, and message delivery pointers.

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